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Petra National Trust (PNT) is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the preservation and protection of the World Heritage Site of Petra. Since its inception in 1989, PNT has worked to bring together people in Jordan and abroad who are committed to that same goal.

HRH Prince Raad bin Zeid, as president of the Board of Trustees, oversees the Trust's activities and guides PNT in the implementation of its mission and† the fulfilment of its vision.

Late in 1985, UNESCO inscribed Petra on the UNESCO World Heritage List, thus identifying its unique cultural and natural heritage. On two occasions thereafter, Petra was placed on the World Monuments Fundís 100 Most Endangered Sites.† On the 7th of July 2007 Petra was selected as one of the New 7 Wonders.

PNT implements its mission through conducting preservation projects† and by raising awareness.† PNT was instrumental in 1993 in establishing the boundaries for the Petra Archaeological Park (PAP); with the aim of decentralising the management of Petra, in 1995, PNT played a pivotal role in the establishment of a single body to govern the Petra Region that later came to be known as the Petra Regional Authority (PRA). Its role is to coordinate the efforts of the many Jordanian governmental departments and other institutions involved within the Petra region in addition to its role in controlling and regulating the construction development in the buffer area surrounding the Park from having a negative visual impact on the Park.


PNT has also been very active in developing the bye laws governing the Petra Archaeological Park and is a member of the Board overseeing the management and developments in the Park. In addition to addressing the threats, partly natural and partly human, PNT is planning to develop a zoning plan for the entire protected area of 264 sq. km, a vital tool in the management of PAP.† PNT has also taken the first steps towards developing a conservation strategy to attend to these threats.

In all its activities, PNT co-operates closely with the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities, the Department of Antiquities, the Petra Archaeological Park, and the Petra Regional Authority. More recently in July of 2007, PNT became a member of the PAP Council that oversees all activities within the protected area of Petra.† We strive also to maintain close relations and collaboration with the universities, international organisations and archaeological missions.

The Petra National Trust seeks your assistance and support in fulfilling this mandate and in preserving Petra. It is through joint efforts that we can preserve Petra's integrity for many years to come.